Nintendo have announced in the latest Direct that Wind Waker HD will launch on Wii U on October 4th.

They also confirmed that sailing will be quicker and the Triforce quest has been tweaked!

  • gimmegimmekevin

    That release date is only for Europe which is very important to note. All North America press releases still say “October”

    • Elem187

      Well Pikmin 3 released 1 week after Europe, Wonderful 101 will release 2 weeks after Europe. So my guess is Windwaker HD will release 3 after Europe’s release, so October 25th.

  • Diego Arlek

    Why would sailing be quicker? Don’t people like fuck huge game worlds?

    • John Soutar

      I can understand where they are coming from. I played through Wind Waker for the first time early this year. While the sailing is cool, and later on through the game it’s easier to travel around with the whirlwinds and such. Early game sailing is a bit boring, you don’t have the grappling hook, the cannon, etc. It can take a while before exploring actually pays off. So the more active sailing approach might fix that.

      • Diego Arlek

        I understand.