Diablo 3 Finally Makes It Onto Consoles On September 3

After year of rumours and speculation Diablo 3 finally makes it way onto consoles on September 3rd.

When Blizzard decided to bring Diablo III to consoles, they wanted four-player co-op to allow for the same spirit of fun that thrived in arcades. The game had to allow for equal parts teamwork and trash talking, sweaty-palmed intensity and lighthearted mass destruction: four friends – on the same couch or, with online coop, four couches anywhere in the world – working together to slaughter endless hordes of demons, collecting loot and having a great time.

Diablo III on console has the same great storyline, classes and monsters as the PC version (which sold an amazing 12 million copies). But Blizzard put some serious work in to make this version a great console experience.

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Blizzard also wanted to highlight the action on big screen TVs without splitting that real estate into four little screens, so they created a new camera system that stays closer to the action, making it easier to see the animation in combat.

It was also announced back at the Playstation reveal in February that the game will be making its exclusive Next Gen debut on the Playstation 4 so players can expect to be even bigger and better when it releases.

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