Skylanders Swap Force Next Gen Footage Looks Incredible!

A bunch of new characters have been released for Skylanders Swap Force. These are all visible in the NEW gameplay footage that was just released for the game on next gen consoles. The game will launch with 16 swappable characters, 16 new characters and 16 reposed characters.

A bunch of next gen screenshots have also been released and the game looks better than I ever could”ve imagined.

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[youtube id=”iqjTAV9s4oQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]

SSF_Photo_Toy_BoomJet_FINAL_HiRes SSF_Photo_Toy_GrillaDrilla_FINAL_HiRes SSF_Photo_Toy_ZooLou_FINAL_HiRes SSF_Photo_Toy_SlobberTooth_FINAL_HiRes
Skylanders SWAP Force_Blast Buckler (Blast Zone_Wash Buckler)

Skylanders SWAP Force_Boom Drilla (Boom Jet_Grilla Drilla)

Skylanders SWAP Force_Boom Jet

Skylanders SWAP Force_Boom Zone (Boom Jet_Blast Zone)

Skylanders SWAP Force_Countdown

Skylanders SWAP Force_Grilla Drilla Hero

Skylanders SWAP Force_Grilla Drilla

Skylanders SWAP Force_Night Shift

Skylanders SWAP Force_Roller Brawl

Skylanders SWAP Force_Slobber Tooth

Skylanders SWAP Force_Stink Buckler (Stink Bomb_Wash Buckler)

Skylanders SWAP Force_Stink Charge (Stink Bomb_Magna Charge)

Skylanders SWAP Force_Wash Buckler

Skylanders SWAP Force_Zoo Lou 1

Skylanders SWAP Force_Zoo Lou 2