The Last of Us Getting Only One Story DLC

The upcoming DLC for The Last of Us is just around the corner. Sadly, Left behind will be the first and the last piece of story content we will see for the game. As stated by community strategist, Eric Monacelli in a post on the Playstation blog.

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Rather then expanding on the story of Ellie and joel, Left behind focuses on the relationship of Ellie and Riley. According to Monacelli, the DLC will be a “Good length” depending on what difficulty you play on, and how good you are of course. While Left Behind will be the last story DLC for The Last of Us, the game still has some Multiplayer DLC planned for the next drop. So for die hard fans, there is more to look forward to.

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Left Behind is set to drop on February 14th, Valentines day of all times.