Ultra Street Fighter 4 Will Have YouTube Integration

Another year, another Street Fighter IV iteration. This time, Ultra Street Fighter 4 is keeping up with the times. According to a post by David Hines on the Capcom Unity Blog, Ultra Street Fighter IV will allows players to post recorded matches and directly upload it to Youtube. Also giving them control of the quality of the video, etc.

“Whether it’s the best comeback since Daigo vs. Justin Wong, or perhaps you had an encounter with a pro-player you want to share, this feature is great for those who are yet to own a direct capture device, and want to show off their favourite Ultra Street Fighter 4 moments!”

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[embedvideo id=”AM0BbPcSAgw” website=”youtube”]

This won’t be the only new feature to USF4, as Capcom “Is not done yet” Capcom has been one of the companies that have been supportive of Youtube Content creators during a time of a Copyright crackdown. It’s nice to see they are furthering support by adding this to the game.

You can expect the game to drop in June this winter.

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