Illusionstar Games On Why CRYENGINE Is Superior To UE4

Illusionstar Games’ Vadonis Landfair has made a statement regarding their latest two games. The developer has opted into utilizing the CRYENGINE for these unknown games , instead of going for the more common Unreal Engine 4 saying, the engine is too “cartoony”, which doesn’t fit with their future plans, which involves developing for multiple platforms.

“Unreal Engine is an amazing game engine in its on right. Some of our favorite games have been developed using UE3 (i.e.BioShock Infinite, Borderlands 2, and X-Man Origins: Wolverine). It just still feels “cartoonish”, and CRYENGINE has a more photo-realistic feel. For games like that, Unreal Engine fits perfectly, but not for the type of games we’re developing. Unreal Engine is a powerful game engine, but it lacks a few features that we need. Graphics don’t make a game great. A great storyline and gameplay makes a game great, which CRYENGINE allows us to achieve.”

Furthermore, since they are developing their latest games with multiplatform availability in mind, he added.

“One of the biggest reasons we choose to work with CRYENGINE is that it allows us to cross platform develop on multiple platforms. The Sandbox gives us complete control, allowing us to drop right in and start playing. We can focus on all three platform, or just focus on one platform. Ever change will be updated in real-time and shown across all three platforms, ensuring gamers have the same visual and gameplay experience across all three platforms.”

No further details are available at this time.