Sony Announce VR Headset For PS4 – Project Morpheus

Sony have taken to the stage at GDC to reveal Project Morpheus, a Virtual Reality headset that will be compatible with the PS4. It is said to be compatible with the Playstation Move, Playstation Camera and Dualshock 4.

The currency prototype of the headset is said to be great at personal tracking and reputedly has low latency. It features a 1080p display, allows 360 degree positional tracking and will focus in being ergonomically designed. Morpheus will also allow the use of other wireless audio headsets.

Sony showed off the VR headset with demoing an undersea adventure from Sony London, called The Deep. Morpheus was also announced to be compatible with EVE Valkyrie and Thief. A number of other game studios announced their support of the VR headset. You can find those companies below.

It appears that Project Morpheus is extremely early in development and we’d expect a lot of changes along development. Hopefully we’ll hear more later in the year as it genuinely sounds like exciting technology.