All The Latest Smash Bros Nintendo Direct Info!

The latest Super Smash Bros direct has revealed a ton of new information about the game. We’ll cover the biggest information first as there was a ton of smaller stuff revealed as well.

First up the game will be releasing FIRST on 3DS in Winter 2014. The Wii U version is set for release in Summer of this year. I’m happy with the decision as it’s obvious that the 3DS version will be ready earlier, so i’m glad that they’re not holding it back. The 3DS version will run at 60FPS in Stereoscopic 3D.


Boss characters will appear in some stages in both the 3DS and Wii U versions. Nintendo showed one of the characters in the direct.


There will be two online modes in Super Smash Bros. ‘For Glory’ will include Final Destination stages only and will  not include any items. All wins and losses will be recorded. ‘For Fun’ will be completely random where only wins will be recorded and all items and stages will be playable. Further to this point, you will have a global smash power which is a stat that tells you how many players you’ve outscored worldwide.


Only on Smash Brothers for 3DS, a brand new mode was announced. Smash Run is a 4-player battle game set in a dungeon like scenario. There will be a ton of power-ups to collect to make the experience more enjoyable. You will have 5 minutes to collect all the power ups that you can and then it will be time to duke it out with the other players.


Lastly, a lot of characters were confirmed to be returning and also a few newcomers were announced. Master PokeBalls will now include rare and legendary Pokemon. Characters can no longer morph into different iterations. Zero Suit Samus was confirmed to be a separate character. Veteran Fighter Sheik was also confirmed to be taking part in the fight. Yoshi will be returning in a whole new way. Charizard will be returning separate from Pokemon trainer! Greninja was also confirmed to be the latest Pokemon joining the crew!

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The full Smash Brothers Nintendo Direct is available below!

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