36% of All Games Registered On Steam Have Never Been Played


Ars Technica used a random sample of the approximately 172 million publicly accessible Steam profile pages to generate this information, scraping data from up to 90,000 profiles per day for “about two months”.

Other such figures also came to light. Dota 2 is the most owned game on steam, with approximately 25 million owners and counting, followed by the ever popular team fortress, with 20 million users. Also, you have to notice as well, both of these games are free to play, which makes us wonder, just how different would these numbers be if these games had a price?

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These figures reveal just how good Steam’s deals are. If people are simply buying games on a whim, without a care if they will ever play them or not, Steam is evidently doing something right with their special sales. Compulsive buying has never looked so menacing.

Via Ars Technica.

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