May Playstation Plus Offerings Revealed

Sony have announced an amazing lineup for Playstation Plus subscribers in May. For the PS4, Stick it to the Man will be available to download for free. For the PS3, Sony Japan’s Pupeteer will be available as well as Payday 2. Lastly For Vita, the vibrant Everybody’s Golf as well as Maramasa Rebith will be up for download.

Another amazing month for Playstation Plus subscribers!

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Leaving PS Plus:
30th April: Mercenary Kings
30th April: Pro Evolution Soccer 2014
30th April: Bioshock Infinite
30th April: Hotline Miami (Cross Buy)
30th April: MotoGP13

Entering PS Plus:
30th April: Stick it to the Man
30th April: Payday 2
30th April: Puppeteer
30th April: Muramasa Rebirth
30th April: Everybody’s Golf