Oh My, A Glorious Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Trailer

In a world where ‘gameplay’ trailers show more cinematics then actual gameplay, I’d say this Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer is pretty good.

Not only does this gameplay trailer have a good amount of gameplay, (even though HUD elements and other features are not shown) this trailer also gives us new information about the game. Other than scripted hands-off demos at conventions, we haven’t really heard much about the story of Inquisition. We have heard the synopsis over and over, but now we can finally piece together how the game opens, or rather what was the cause of all the chaos we’ve seen.

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Oh, and another important piece of information, the release date. Mark your calendars, Dragon Age: Inquisition is coming October 7th for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Is it bad I already have a ticket for the hype train?