Mario Golf: World Tour Gets New Downloadable Content

Here’s some good news for Mario Golf fans. Mario Golf: World Tour will be getting a ton of more downloadable content soon. 108 new holes and additional Mushroom Kingdom golfers to choose from, opening more courses for players to enjoy.

The downloadable content for the game will be released in three separate packs: the Mushroom Pack launching on the 3rd May, the Flower Pack launching later in May and the Star Pack launching in June. Each pack includes two new 18-hole courses and a new playable character. Players will receive Toadette with the Mushroom Pack, Nabbit with the Flower Pack and Rosalina with the Star Pack.

Each pack will be available for AU$7.80 from Toad’s Booth, which can be found in the main menu of the game. For the people who know they’ll buy all three add-on packs can buy a Three-Pack Set at a discounted rate of AU$15.60 starting at the 3rd of May. Three-Pack Set holders will get access to each new pack as it becomes available, and will receive a special bonus of Gold Mario as a playable character at the time of purchase. Gold Mario has a special Golden Flower shot that gains coins for every yard it travels. For those who purchase the packs individually, Gold Mario will also be available once all packs have been released.

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The Mario Golf: World Tour DLC will be available on the 3rd of May for the Nintendo 3DS and then again in late May and June.

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