E3 2014: Microsoft Details Achievement Improvements

Xbox Live’s Major Nelson (Larry Hryb) has detailed some minor improvements that Microsoft will be bringing to the Achievements app for Xbox One later on in the year. The information was shown in a pre-show stream via the Xbox One.

First off, achievements can now be viewed in Snap mode. In doing so, each of the achievements that belong to the game you’re currently playing are ordered by how close you are to completing them, and progression is tracked in real time. Achievements players want to track most or care about most can also be moved to the top of the list for easier and more convenient tracking.

Finally, any achievements that players are having trouble with can be selected and help can be requested for them. The Xbox then pulls help and walkthroughs for whichever achievement you’re requesting help for from both first and third party sources.

Hryb did not detail when the updates will be hitting outside of “later this year”.