E3 2014: Sony and Giant Squid Reveal ABZÛ

Sony and Giant Squid have both teamed up with 505 Games to announce that ABZÛ is coming to the Playstation 4. The game has been in development for one year, and is estimated to launch some time in 2016. While details were scarce, the the game will be a console exclusive for the Playstation 4, presumably meaning the game will come to PC at some point too.

The game is being developed by Giant Squid, a studio spearheaded by Matt Nava, who previously has worked on the Playstation 3 game “Journey” as an art director. The game seems to feature a lot of evocative underwater exploration leading many to dub it an underwater version of Journey.

Abzu Screenshot 01
Abzu Screenshot 02

The title is running on Unreal Engine 4, and will be releasing sometime in 2016. The soundtrack will be composed by Austin Wintory, who has previously wokred on flOw and Journey.

Sony provided the following official spiel for the game: –

ABZÛ will take players on an epic adventure into the depths of the ocean, where they will encounter majestic creatures and discover long lost secrets. The game draws inspiration from a deep, innate story that we all carry in our collective subconscious, a universal origin myth that resonates across cultures. As such, the name ABZÛ references a concept from the oldest Mesopotamian mythology: it is the combination of two ancient words Ab, meaning ocean, and Zû, meaning to know. Essentially, ABZÛ is the ocean of wisdom.

You can see the full teaser trailer for ABZÛ below.

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