Job Listings Suggest Respawn Might Be Working on a God of War-esque Title

If recent job listings are any indicator, Respawn might very well be working on a third-person action title, not unlike the God of War series that helped fix PlayStation’s place as a console powerhouse almost a decade ago.

The studio, still in its infancy in many regards, is looking to grow as it continues to support its first release, Titanfall.

Available positions include a senior animator and senior character artist, with experience “working on third-person action/exploration games” a prerequisite.

This comes not long after former Sony Santa Monica lead, Stig Asmussen, jumped ship to serve as game director at the studio. Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella has said that he’s “super excited to have him.” Asmussen has been with the company for a couple of months already and has confirmed that he’s not working on Titanfall.

Aside from Asmussen, Respawn have another eight God of War alum in their employ, running the gamut from artists to game designers.