Far Cry 4: The Press Has Not Spoken, Kyrat Edition Announced

Fresh off a no doubt successful E3 presentation, Ubisoft have seemingly had the galls to release a ‘THE PRESS HAS SPOKEN’ trailer, alluding to the apparent success Far Cry 4 has already faced. Have a look below:

Impressive, no doubt. But following the absolute travesties of presentations that were Far Cry 3 and Watch Dogs, one can only be skeptical about this latest offering from Ubisoft.

And honestly, the press can hardly speak when the game isn’t even out yet and only VERY specific vertical slices have been shown to the public. I’m sure this iteration will be solid but folks, I recommend pulling a skepticism hat on before you decide right now.

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While you’re throwing your money away, why not pre-order Far Cry 4? You get an automatic bump to the ‘Limited Edition’, which comes pack with a bunch of missions and weapons we won’t miss anyway, and if you feel like burning $130, there’s the Kyrat Edition, which comes with:

  • Statue of Pagan Min
  • Travel Journal
  • Propaganda Poster
  • Map of Kyrat
  • Collector’s Box
  • Hurk’s Redemption (the three single-player missions in the Limited Edition)
  • The Impaler