Rumor: Leaked Smash Brothers Footage Reveals New Characters


Since it’s announcement, there have been a lot of potential leaks about Super Smash Brothers. Some have been a lot more believable than others, but none seem to be more real than this one.

It’s unclear about the source of the leak however apparently it’s somebody who either works for the ESRB or someone who works for Nintendo internally that provides footage to the ESRB.

Firstly screenshots were leaked which had fans sceptical, however overnight footage was released clearly showing about 1 and a half minutes of gameplay with unannounced characters and stages.

The footage only shows Bowser Junior and Shulk in action however the same leaker previously revealed that Dr. Mario, Dark Pit, Duck Hunt Dog, Bowser Junior and Shulk would be playable fighters. They also confirmed a number of characters as DLC.

Nintendo have yet to comment however the videos have swiftly been removed from the leakers account. Super Smash Brothers is due for release in Australia on October 4th. It will release in Japan in just a few weeks so we’d expect all to be revealed in the very near future.

You can find the footage HERE.

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