Capcom extends Deep Down trademarks yet again

A game that has been coming out for several years now, Deep Down is Capcom’s ambitious new role playing game running on their ambitious new engine, Panta Rhei.

In development since 2013, the game has faced numerous setbacks including delays of its Japan-only beta and “expanding vision” for the game since its initial reveal. Presently the beta is due for release in Japan sometime this year.

But the biggest question loomed over the game – and whether it would be released outside of Japan once it was ready. Thankfully, those concerned could possibly not worry anymore. The United States Patent and Trademark Office an extension on the Deep Down trademark, which highlights intention for Capcom to use the title for commerce in the US.

While this is anything but a confirmation of localisation of the Playstation 4 exclusive, could it still be coming to Western audiences? Are you still interested? Let us know in the comments!