Nintendo Australia confirm Yo-Kai Watch for local release

Keen followers of the previously Japan-only franchise would be familiar with Yo-Kai Watch’s director musing about bringing the series outside of Japan in 2015 all the way back in August. Thankfully, it appears he has followed through with his promise.

Today, Nintendo Australia formally confirmed that Yo-Kai Watch, a franchise developed by LEVEL-5, will be coming to Australia sometime this year. Yo-Kai Watch tells the story of a boy who is in possession of a special watch. The watch allows him to see and interact with various ghosts.

Much like Pokemon, the boy can also capture the ghosts and use them to do battle with other ghosts.
While Yo-Kai Watch has no form release date for the 3DS yet, its previous instalments have been met with critical and commercial acclaim in Japan. The first game sold 500,000 copies alone while the sequel managed to sell 1.2 million copies in just four days of sale.

We don’t have a day for when Yo-Kai Watch will hit Australian 3DS consoles but we’ll be sure to update you when we know.