Jason Voorhees Begins Rolling Out To Mortal Kombat X

Starting today keen Mortal Kombat X players can begin playing as Jason Voorhees, the iconic horror villain from the classic horror film franchise, Friday The 13th. Owners of the Kombat Pack will be able to download and play as Jason in one of his three unique variations today, however players who wish to wait will be able to purchase him on May 12th.

Jason features three major variations, as per with the rest of the roster. Most of his common moves are fairly typical, grotesque Mortal Kombat moves. Others poke more fun at his horror movie origins – allowing him to walk sternly towards his opponent without taking damage (but not being able to jump) or even reversing his opponents inputs.

MKX JasonHis Slasher variation incorporates his trademark machete into his combos and special attacks. His Relentless variation plays more into horror movie tropes and allows him to disappear into lake mist to teleport – as well as grants him more moves that feel like a traditional grappler. Finally, his Unstoppable variation is the most unique – allowing Jason to power up his attacks but also something very unique. If he is knocked out with special meter leftover, he can revive and gain a second wind as per his appearance in the franchise. His fatalities and brutalities are equally as well put together – featuring classic sound effects to give them the perfect horror movie feel.

If you’ve got the Kombat Pack, Jason comes with three extra costumes for other characters themed around famous horror movies. Mileena dons a vampiress garb, Ermac dresses up as a Pharaoh and Reptile gets a “Kraken” skin, which is eerily reminiscent of the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

MKX Horror

We’ve attached a brief trailer for your viewing pleasure that shows the masked menace.