Sony Surprise Cerebral Palsy Affected PlayStation Fan With Something Amazing

Last week, a PlayStation employee took matter into his own hands when an American based gamer with Cerebral Palsy had contacted PlayStation detailing a problem with the DualShock 4 that had stopped him from being able to enjoy his games. The issue was relating to the touchpad in which the gamer would accidentally keep touching, leading to an undesired effect such as pausing his game.

The PlayStation employee went out of his way to create a custom controller in which this would no longer happen. It’s incredible to see such a story come out of the gaming industry. It’s too often that we see twisted stories which put a spotlight on the negative aspects of gaming, rather than the genuine, passionate people.

Ajmal Alex Nawabi, who created the custom controller had the below to say.

Please keep in mind that the Research and Development team at PlayStation is filled with some absolutely astounding individuals who wake up every day and try to come up with a solution for everyone. What I did only works for a single individual and it should not undermine their work in any way. I cannot stress this enough. Without them, we wouldnt even be close to what we are today. If you’re not aware, they’ve recently added more accessibility settings that let you remap buttons to help with a large portion of needs. Their team members are the true MVPs.

You can find the full story on Facebook below.

I figure I share this story with everyone because it is too good not to share! When I use the PlayStation 4 controller…

Posted by Peter Byrne on Tuesday, March 29, 2016