God Of War 4 Concept Art Leaked

It appears that concept art for the upcoming God Of War 4 has leaked. Serial gaming leaker, Shinobi602 posted a tweet saying “To the halls of Valhalla. My boy. #GodOfWar”. NerdLeaks took it upon themselves to delve further into this revealing a bunch of concept art for the upcoming God of War IV. These images were posted on a concept artist’s website detailing his recent work for Sony Santa Monica. These were originally locked behind a password but NerdLeaks were able to access them using Source Code.

  • There is Kratos, with beard;
  • The setting is the Norse Mythology;
  • Kratos will visit Alfheim, “Land Of The Fairies”, one of the Nine Worlds and home of the Light Elves (concepts show the Wall and the Temple Door);
  • Kratos will be in one or more prison;
  • Kratos has an Axe, with wich he can cut vines and create bridges/walkways;
  • The surrounding environment could interact with the character (if Kratos brushes-up against the vines, they expell visible spores)

You can find the full story as well as more concept art HERE

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