LinkedIN Profile Outs ‘Xbox neXt’


A visual design lead at Xbox has potentially let slip the potential existence of something called the ‘Xbox neXt’. David Gardner, who had previously worked on the Xbox 360, Xbox SmartGlass and Xbox One, lists the ‘Xbox neXt’ as one of the consoles that he has previously designed. It’s unclear whether this is the name of an incremental upgrade, next big console release or potentially a prototype that won’t get off the ground.

Rumours have been recently swirling around incremental console releases from both Microsoft and Sony which would feature consoles that are slightly increased in power and have the ability to play more graphically advanced games as well as 4K video content.

You can find David’s LinkedIN profile HERE



Microsoft has given a response in regards to the rumors of the existence of the Xbox NeXT, stating that the product name was simply a working title for the Xbox One during its development phase. No further information was shared regarding the rumor.

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