IGDA Slam Nintendo For Mistreatment Of Employee

Today, the International Game Developers Association Executive Director Kate Edwards has issued a statement about Nintendo’s dismissal of Treehouse marketing employee Alison Rapp last week. The summary of the statement is that she is concerned that the company’s action sends a negative message to all gaming employees about publishers not supporting them against Internet hate mobs. The IGDA represents over 8000 people in the gaming development scene.

Kate Edwards full statement is below:

“While Nintendo’s official statement on the matter of Alison Rapp’s firing strives to distance the company from anything related to the orchestrated online campaign of harassment and defamation that was raging against her, their timing in dealing with the issue is dubious at best. Unfortunately, the company seems oblivious to the consequences of their actions, not realizing the perceived victory it handed to the online hate groups who are now pursuing the dismissal of other women game developers by derision and defamation to their companies. By now, we would expect that all game development and publishing companies would be fully aware of negative social media dynamics and be more discerning of online feedback, as well as more protective of their employees — especially their employees of diverse backgrounds. Many have become proactive and aware but this industry obviously needs to make more progress.”