Naughty Dog Reveal A Ton Of New Uncharted 4 Information

Director of Communications Arne Meyer as well as Game Designers James Cooper, Nicholas Lance and Zied Rieke have provided a ton of brand new information about Uncharted 4. This took place on a Twitch Lifestream. We’ve rounded up the biggest nuggets of information below.

  • The jeep feels completely different when being used across different surfaces such as mud, rocks, grass and water.
  • The game has a pretty significant length. In-fact, it’s longer than the first three games.
  • There is no typical play through. There are a ton of options and choices and it’s really up to the player in regards to how long they want to explore the open areas.
  • Photo mode can be accessed with R3+L3 and Naughty Dog believe that it will be a big selling feature of the game
  • Naughty Dog want players to think about stealth from the beginning, as driving your jeep into enemy filled areas will lead to death.
  • Control scheme is more customisable than ever. The team have done a lot of work so that players can customise in relation to their gameplay style
  • Difficulty settings can now add different types of enemies. For instance an area that previously just had snipers might now have a combination of RPGs/Snipers in crushing.
  • Whilst playing Crushing, you’ll get less information on who has spotted you and where they are.
  • There will be no co-op as Naughty Dog felt that this would take away from the structured experience
  • There will be a soundtrack released in both digital and CD format
  • You can skip cinematics

As a bonus, we’ve included this wonderfully created GIF which shows just how seamless the jeep to traversing to gunplay is.

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