REPORT: Upgraded PlayStation 4 Codenamed NEO, Contains Significant Upgrades

Over the past few months, rumours have been flying around that Sony will announce an upgraded version of the PlayStation 4. GiantBomb have just come out with arguably the most believable report to date. The PS4 4.5 will be codenamed ‘NEO’ and will feature a higher clock speed, an improved GPU and higher bandwidth on memory. Further to this, every PS4 game will be required to run on the original PS4 as well as be able to run in ‘NEO mode’.

Games that run in NEO Mode will be able to use the hardware upgrades to offer an increased and more stable frame rate as well as offer a higher visual fidelity. The NEO will also support 4K image output, but games will not natively run in 4K.

It is also being reported that all games that are released from October onwards will need to support both the original PS4 and the NEO. Both consoles will co-exist which most likely means that we’ll see the original PS4 get a further price drop.

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