Players Have Already Found A Massive Exploit In The Division’s Incursion

Last week, The Division received it’s first raid-like Incursion event. Of course, it wasn’t long before gamers found a way to exploit the new content for extra rewards. The Incursion is designed to drip feed rewards to players once a week. This would allow everyone to reach the game’s level cap in a fair and steady way.

It hasn’t even been a week and players have already found a way to run Falcon Lost over and over again to reap the rewards without waiting the usual even day waiting period. Players are able to take advantage of this by using the game’s portable cover skill to slide through a wall and skipping most of the Incursion boss battle, whilst still granting you all of the loot.

Ubisoft had previously threatened to permanently ban players who were caught cheating, so it’s yet to be seen if players who are taking advantage of this glitch will be permanently banned.

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