New PS4 Exclusive Spider-Man Game In Development – Report

Back on April 22nd, infamous industry leakers NerdLeaks tweeted that Sony was working on an “Untitled Spiderman PS4 Project”.

Just overnight, The below screen grab was found on the CV of Stephen Oyoung, a stuntman who does work for Blur studios, which are one of the most renown studios in the business. The image has now ben taken down.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 8.59.16 AMIt wouldn’t be out of the question for Sony to be creating an exclusive Spider-Man game for PlayStation. They technically have rights for the character in the movie universe.

There have also been rumours that inFAMOUS developer Sucker Punch would take control of the series, which would make complete sense given their knowledge of open-wold games.