PS4 Neo Will Release Before End of September According To French Distributor

Innelec Multimedia are a major multimedia distributor working for Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony in France. They’ve claimed that they have insider knowledge about the PS4 Neo launching before the PlayStation VR in September or October. They’ve included this knowledge in their financial reports for the fiscal year, ending on September 30th. It’s not unlikely for distributors to receive this kind of information well in advance.

The fiscal forecast for 2016/2017 should be pushed by the videogame industry, during the first semester, with the arrival of the PS4 Neo 4K, an evolution of Sony’s PS4 console with new features and the release in October 2016 of the virtual reality handset the Sony VR.

They’ve also stated in their report that they expect The Last Guardian to launch in October. If your French is up to scratch, you can read the full report here.