The Nintendo NX Apparently Won’t Blow Away Current Gen Consoles Graphically

Emily Rodgers is a well-known insider when it comes to Nintendo leaks. She is extremely well-connected when it comes to Nintendo and their studios and is often on the mark when it comes to speculation. She is claiming that after speaking to seven different well-connected people, she can now claim with confidence that the NX will not use x86 architecture like the PS4/Xbox One and will not use Polaris Chips. In fact, the NX will use custom made-made chips that are closer in power to the Xbox One. Earlier speculation had us thinking that the NX would be twice as powerful as the PS4 but this is nowhere near the case.

One thing is looking certain at this point, if Emily is correct, the NX will once again focus on unique experiences rather than sheer graphical power.

You can read the full piece HERE