Pewdiepie Evicted From Recording Studio

Popular YouTube star Pewdiepie has reportedly been evicted from his recording studio over noise complaints.

The Swedish Youtube persona was recording material in a rented apartment in Brighton in the UK that he used as a recording studio when the landlord of the building approached him because of noise complaints, where he was also confronted with gay slurs made by the landlord himself.

Kjellberg received an actual notice of the noise complaints after the affair, which was followed by an eviction notice for him to vacate the premises by the 29th of June, which as seen in the video has since taken place.He has since also clarified the actual statement made by the landlord during this supposed intervention:

PewDiePie followed by saying “If you’re gonna be a landlord in Brighton, the gay capital of UK, maybe try not be a fuckin’ prejudiced piece of shit, how bout that?”

As noted, Kjellberg has since moved into his new recording studio in this transitional phase, though it remains unclear if the events of this eviction will be followed up on by Kjellberg and potential legal support.