ZOWIE Announces Partnership with The Chiefs eSports Club

Zowie have today announced a partnership with The Chief eSports Club. Zowie have been dedicated to developing competitive gaming products for some time, so it’s incredibly fitting to see them partner with one of the top eSports clubs in Oceania.

The Chiefs’ Owner and Founder, Frank Li had the below to say:

“BenQ is a brand known and trusted far and wide within the gaming circle. There are many instances of players strongly insisting on the use of BenQ monitors to ensure the highest levels of standards and competitive integrity at events. It is an honour to welcome ZOWIE BenQ to the Chiefs family, and a privilege to be able to utilise their wide range of gaming monitors for our wide variety of competitive teams to ensure we maintain our high level of competition.”

BenQ Australia’s Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Dan Natoli had the below to say:

“As a developer of eSports products, ZOWIE have always had the highest level of respect for professional eSports teams and players. The Chiefs have proven they are a leader in the Oceanic eSports scene, competing at the highest level of play against some of the best teams in the world. It is with great pleasure that we announce our partnership with The Chiefs, and look forward to cheering them on in their future tournaments.”