A Titanfall Card Game Is Coming To Mobile

Out of nowhere, EA have announced that Titanfall: Frontline, is set to launch this spring on iOS and Android. It will be a card game in the vein of Gwent and Hearthstone. The key difference between Frontline and these games is the fact that Frontline is real-time rather than turn-based.

“Featuring hundreds of Pilots, Titans and special ability Burn Cards, Commanders will collect and upgrade their units and build their own unique decks. Players can build their IMC or Militia squad according to their play style, whether they prefer to assemble a dropship of fast, light Pilots and Titans to deal quick damage or wear out their opponents with the addition of strong defensive units, installations and support personnel.”

You can keep up to date with the game at the official site.

You’d expect that it’d be available around the game’s launch.