Twitch ANZ Announces The Grass Roots Streamer Program

Twitch Australia and New Zealand has announced the Twitch ANZ Grass Roots Streamer Program.

Any non-partnered steamer is able to apply for the program, which aims to help Twitch streamers take their craft to the next level by supplying the below:

  • 2 weeks as the “Twitch ANZ grass roots broadcaster”
  • Rotation on the AU frontpage of Twitch during this time.
  • A minimum of 4 social posts from the @Twitch_ANZ Twitter account
  • Transcodes, so you don’t have to make the hard decision if you’re able to stream at a high quality.

Applications are open until the 31st of December and the program will commence on Monday, the 16th of January.

You can register your interest HERE.