Kojima Productions Is Releasing A $2000 Statue

Kojima Productions, in conjunction with Prime 1 Studio, has announced that a half scale statue of Kojima’s mascot Ludens is now available for pre-order. The incredibly detailed statue will be limited to just 150 units at USD$1999 each and while they are available for pre-order as of today, they are expected to ship January-March, 2018.

The statue is approximately 63 inches tall, features LED light-up functions on Luden’s helmet and is exclusively signed by Hideo Kojima himself. Ludens is wearing an EVA suit and holds a Kojima Productions studio flag in hand.

Yoji Shinkawa, best known for his artistic contributions to the Metal Gear series, is the primary designer of Ludens and according to the statue distributors official website “Ludens’ design has a high-tech feel, giving him a nostalgic ambience. The surface of his EVA suit has “Turing pattern”-like elements that slightly rotate, inspired by the Turing machine.

Earlier this year we reported on the fact that industry legend Hideo Kojima will be visiting Australia in 2017 to present a panel at RTX Sydney, you can read more about the event here.