There’s Some Real Cringy Banter Happening Between EB Games, Woolies and KFC On Twitter

There’s been some quality Twitter banter between big brands at different points since Twitter’s conception, but one Tweet from a Woolworth’s customer in their Bondi Junction store has started a weird spiral of brands getting involved with something that never concerned them.

Twitter user @_muul apparently spotted a Huntsman in the Bondi Junction store, which somehow led Woolworths’ to get EB Games involved. This proceeded to EB Games somehow feeling like they had to get KFC involved. Then, Event cinemas decided that for some reason, they also needed to involve themselves in the chatter. They’ve tried to get Boost Juice involved too, but they’re not having a bar of it.

At this point, it’s unclear whether the spider even existed. We’re thinking it was just an excuse for a bunch of brands to Tweet each other.