The Nintendo Switch Games Chart Is A Lot Bigger Now

Nintendo first revealed the Nintendo Switch on January 13th. Straight after they released a graphic straight with the Nintendo Switch games that were coming to the console in 2017.

Many gamers including myself were shocked to see that there were only 26 titles listed. The problem that plagued the Wii U looked looked like it was going to be as much of an issue with the Switch with only a smattering of titles across its first year.

Thankfully, we’ve seen a ton of games added over the past month that now make the first year and beyond. The Nintendo Switch lineup looks a lot more beefier now. Most importantly when you discount 35 or so titles that don’t have a release date.

There’s now 105+ games or franchises that we know are coming to the Nintendo Switch and the lineup that we have is honestly incredibly exciting. You’d be hard pressed to find a gamer that didn’t have at least a handful of titles that they’d be keen on picking up on the Nintendo Switch.

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Launch day has gone from five titles to 10+ which is promising. Obviously The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be on everyone’s list, but there’s at least a few other titles that look like they’ll be worth playing on March 3rd.

So let us know, what games are you looking forward to playing on the Nintendo Switch?



(FEBRUARY 7th)Switch_Games-2


(JANUARY 13th)


    1. Pretty early on from memory, it was just a vague mention of it though, no actual details about what it actually could be.

      Depending on what kind of Pokémon title they release will show how close they are actually coming to bridging the console/handheld market though.

      Could we finally get what we have all been screaming for in a full on Pokémon rpg console title that we can take and play against/with one another on the go?

      Here’s bloody hoping! It will sell Switches like nothing else.

  1. I noticed Pokémon is listed on the new picture. Please give me a source, I need confirmation. I WANT THAT GAME.

  2. I have utter adoration for Wonderboy Dragons Trap. A must nostalgic buy for me so long as they put any effort into it. Could rant on games for ages, but will be my pick here for now
    (Next to Zelda of course)

  3. Only two games available upon release day in Australia. Switch 1-2 and Zelda. Both $90. None bundled with the Switch, which is basically $480. So that is $570 to have a switch with one game! Close to a weeks pay, even more, for most of Nintendo’s target audience.

    Further, what happens if Zelda fails to live up to the hype? Game time for reviewers has been limited. If Zelda turns out to be a buggy mess, or just plain boring, then what? It will be two months before Mario comes to the rescue!

    I remain unconvinced that the Switch will reverse Nintendo’s fortunes. It may actually hasten it’s demise.

    1. It’s at least 5 games, i think its grown to more like 10 now, not sure. And Zelda should succeed rather exceptionally well i think.
      All Zeldas sell great, this one looks quite impressive

    2. There’s more than 10 launch games in Australia now. It’s clearly represented in the graph. Agreed that it’s expensive, but new consoles are expensive. If you want to wait, that’s a completely normal reaction too 🙂

    3. The PS3 launch price was $829 (without game). Not sure if that offers much in the way of solace but it considerably cheaper than most recent mainline console launches.

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