Kinda Funny Games’ Colin Moriarty Has Raised An Astounding $36,000 Per Month On Patreon

Former Kinda Funny Games founder, Colin Moriarty launched his brand new venture yesterday titled ‘Colin’s Last Stand’. Moriarty, who is primarily known for his video game commentary,

Colin’s Last Stand will house long-form videos about politics and history. He’ll be posting two per week and they’ll range from 5-15 minutes.

What’s incredible is the fact that he’s already reached $36,439 in just over a day on Patreon. Moriarty was hoping to reach $10,000 in order to fund this new venture, but this sum is absolutely incredible.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s well deserved, but it’s pretty stunning to see that he’s managed to raise $36,500 USD every single month. This is already more than Kinda Funny Games has been able to raise in their Patreon lifetime. It’s also likely to overtake Easy Allies which consists or more than 10 people.

I’ve been a fan of Colin Moriarty for many, many years and whilst I don’t have a personal interest in his new content, I’ll be keeping an eye on it and it’s great to see him doing so well.

You can follow the Patreon HERE.