Destiny 2 Release Date Revealed Alongside Epic Trailer

In what is the news to light up my life, Bungie has confirmed that Destiny 2 is officially coming to consoles and PC on September 8.

They announced this alongside a new reveal trailer, titled “Rally the Troops”, and all new information regarding the game’s collector’s editions. The reveal shows Destiny’s Vanguard mentors turned bad-asses Ikora Rey, Zavala and Cayde-6, the latter of which is voiced by the magnificently funny Nathan Fillion, as they attempt to recruit new heroes to help fight back control of Earth’s last safe haven, which appears to have fallen under the control of new villain Ghaul, and his Cabal army.

A full rundown of what goodies are available in the game’s collector’s edition is below. As you can see, it seems that pre-order customers are going to get early access to the game’s beta which, at the moment, is rumoured to be in June.

The loot-filled collector’s edition is listed on Gamestop at a whopping US249.99, so God save us when the Australian price is inevitably revealed.
Bungie was even kind enough to reveal the game’s cover arts, one for the limited edition and one for the base game. One commenter queried about how Bungie managed to make the art more boring than the original game, and I guess it’s a fair question. The ‘man with gun’ cliche is alive and well here.

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The other thing we now know is that the game’s first gameplay reveal is going to be on May 18 and I, for one, can not wait.