Channel Nine will tonight run a story about Australians being outraged by violent video games.

More specifically, we can see segments of the Aussie Grand Theft Auto mod which featured in an Australian news segment recently.

We can also see footage from “The P Platers” which is a game set in a fictional recreation of Adelaide.

The P Platers started as an open-world hoon racing game but now features guns and humans, which can be run down.

Honestly, I’d never heard of the game before, so I’m sure that a bunch of Australians will gain awareness and be downloading the game tonight.

  • Chakso

    Hahaha, They’re so behind the times.
    They should be framing the games as sexist and racist, And the people who play them as literal Nazis.
    That’s the kind of clickbait that really gets peoples nipples tingling nowadays.

  • Yoozer Powaz

    Heh. Love it. Its no problem when its a game that gets you to steal cars, shoot people and destroy property in LA or some other crime-ridden American state. But as soon as anyone starts seeing the Santos building or the Rundle Balls in 25 year old low-polygon graphics, all of a sudden its intolerable. I can’t help but laugh at this over-conservative fail.