Spider-Man’s Tom Holland Set To Star In Uncharted Film

In a strange turn, it has been announced that Tom Holland is attached to star in the upcoming Uncharted film adaptation. The script is being reworked to focus on a young Nathan Drake and his experience first meeting Sully for the first time as a young thief.

Sony Pictures chief Tom Rothman was inspired to enforce these changes after seeing the latest cut of Holland’s upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming, in which he must carry the film admirably given they’re already grooming him for another franchise.

Whether this will take off is yet to be seen. After all, Sony has been trying for years to get an Uncharted film off the ground with past scripts from Joe Carnahan, David Guggenheim and Eric Warren Singer. A new writer will be tasked with drafting a story that captures Drake’s journey as he grows into a treasure hunter.

Gone are the dreams of ever seeing Nathan Fillion in the role, but who knows, maybe a prequel film elaborating on the young Drake portions of Drake’s Deception and A Thief’s End is just what the doctor ordered?