Watch The Minister of Communications and Art Get Grilled About The Future Of Aussie Gaming

Following yesterday’s Open Letter from IGEA CEO Ron Curry to Senator Mitch Fifield, Greens’ Senator Scott Ludlum has grilled Senator Fifield during a Senate Estimates session this morning.

It’s 13 minutes long and depending on how interested you are in both politics and the future of the gaming industry Australia, there’s definitely some interesting bits of information to come out of it.

For instance, we now know that there is hopefully some news on the way about the future of the Australian gaming industry with a response on the way about what the government might have in store to support the local gaming industry. This is in response to the 2015 Senate Inquiry into the Australian Interactive Games Fund and wider industry.

Similarly, it was a little bit hard to watch how at times, the Minister for Communications and the Arts laughing, almost suggesting that the gaming industry was unimportant.

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