This The Witcher Fan Film Looks Great, But It Could Use Your Help

News broke last month that a Netflix produced television adaptation of The Witcher was in the works, but it appears that isn’t the only iteration of Andrzej Sapkowski’s dark fantasy world coming to our screens.

Alzur’s Legacy is a fan-made, non-profit creation that is being spearheaded by a group of Polish film-makers. It doesn’t appear to star Geralt, though it’ll feature a lot of familiar faces from the Witcher universe. It’s also set to have a runtime of a half hour, or so.  With it being not for profit, it means the team really needs your help.

A rough plot outline of Alzur’s Legacy follows:

“Nearly half a century after the Rivian Pogrom, Kaer Morhen, old mountain keep of monster slayers called ‘the witchers’, is attacked.

“Shortly after a young renegade sorceress suspected of obtaining legendary Alzur’s Almanach flees from the Aretuza, a newly rebuilt magical school. Triss Merigold, a veteran sorceress, pursues her and during her stay at the inn she encounters famous bard Dandelion and the witcher Lambert.”

Alzur’s Legacy is said to draw on the games aesthetically, though in terms of its narrative it leans more heavily on the novels.

So far, the film has managed to attract around 10% of its flexible goal (currently resting at $15,000 in US bucks). The reward tiers range from a singular, yet helpful, dollar all the way up to $750, with the rewards themselves ranging from cheerful thanks to an editing role of sorts.

Given Alzur’s Legacy is already a quarter shot, it seems likely to meet its estimated release of February 2018. There’s no better way to prepare for the Netflix series than to help out a bunch of fans in creating their homage.

To read into the project and, perhaps, leave them a few dollars to help out, visit the Indiegogo page.