Here’s What The Average Aussie Gamer Looks Like

Bond University and the IGEA will today release their Digital Australia Report for 2018. As always, we get some interesting facts about Australian gamers, their households as well as their gaming habits.

The average Australian gamer has gone up in age, with the report revealing that the average age of the Australian video gamer is now 34 years old. Interestingly enough, 43% of people aged over 65 are now playing video games and 46% of video game players are female.

In terms of gaming households, it’s no surprise to mention that 1 in 3 gaming households are limited by poor broadband. I’m surprised this number isn’t higher to be honest. 80% of gaming households also have more than one gaming device.

It’s mainly good news for virtual reality with 16% of gaming households having a VR headset. It’ll be interesting to see if this rises or declines over the coming years.

According to this study, males play video games for longer each day than females. It’s not by a whole lot though with males playing for 98 minutes per day on average and females paying for roughly 77 minutes per day.

the IGEA will release the full report at 11am today, but here’s a snapshot: