The Working Lunch Is Empowering Women To Help Them Enter The Games Industry

We know by recent reports that almost half of the people who play games in Australia are female, but only a staggeringly low 19% of those working in the game development are female.

The Working Lunch is a brand new initiative which will hopefully help to improve this number. By providing entry-level women in the games industry with the mentoring and support they need, this brand new group will help them form long-term connections which is needed to undertake the journey to enter and establish themselves in the gaming industry)

Ally McLean (also known as Eve Beauregard) is Directing the initiative which has a bunch of amazing mentors including (but not limited to): Rae Johnston (Gizmodo), Stephanie Bendixsen (Good Game, ScreenPLAY), Lucy O’Brien (IGN) and many, many others.

You can find out more about The Working Lunch, it’s amazing mentee program as well as the full list of mentors HERE.

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