Coca-Cola Coffee Is Out In Australia Today And It Tastes Delightfully Weird

After apparently launching in Japan a few weeks ago, Coca-Cula Australia has just released Coca-Cola Coffee Plus Coffee in Australian supermarkets today.

It’s literally coffee flavoured Coca-Cola (with added caffeine) and it’s also sugar free. To my delight, I ran downstairs to the local Coles not expecting to find the brand new soft drink, but it was there in a wonderfully compact 250ml little can.

Initially, it tastes like regular coke, but you’ll quickly get a delightful hit of coffee. I must admit, I’m still not sure whether I’m sold on the flavour. It’s interesting in small bursts, but I’m not sure that it quenches my thirst in the way that I would expect a soft drink to.

Regardless, it’s well worth trying and definitely unlike anything that you’ve tasted before.

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