OpenCritic Is Joining The Fight Against Loot Boxes

OpenCritic, which is one of the largest review aggregation sites for video games has said that it will try and figure out a way to let gamers know which games include loot boxes or other specific business models.

OpenCritic posted a statement saying that they’d look into adding business model information into OpenCritic. This suggests to me that rather than change an aggregated score to be lower for loot boxes, they’d probably just mark games that have loot boxes or season passes.

It’s no secret that loot boxes are the latest craze in gaming. Remember when season passes were a new thing or going even further back when online passes meant that people who purchased a second hand game would have to buy a code to access online.

It’ll be interesting to see exactly how OpenCritic implement this. It doesn’t appear that loot boxes are going anywhere, anytime soon.

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