Australian Internet Speeds Still Rank Incredibly Poorly

Most Australians (if not all) know what it’s like to have almost unusable internet. It’s gotten better in recent times, but the latest data from the Speedtest Global Index shows that many Australians are obviously still suffering with terrible internet speeds when it comes to Fixed Broadband.

Australia dropped in December’s Global Index now ranking 55th in the world, averaging a download speed of 25.88 Mbps and 9.17 Mbps below countries like Guam and Kazakhstan. Singapore are still miles ahead averaging 161.61 Mbps down and 175.19 Mbps up. It’s absolutely mind boggling to even think about having an internet service of that speed.

When it comes to mobile internet speeds, we’re actually not doing too bad. We still dropped but we’re now ranked 7th in the world with an average download speed of 48.87 Mbps down and 14.70 Mpbs 14.70.