EB Games Is Sending Out The Weirdest Valentine’s Day Emails From Your Consoles

As far as marketing emails go, this is one of the weirdest I’ve ever seen. I definitely appreciate the creativeness of it, but it’s absolutely bizarre.

EB Games has been sending people emails to EB World customers from their consoles (yes their consoles) with a bunch of witty puns, asking them to buy their consoles, games and accessories for Valentine’s Day?! Yes you read that right. EB Games thinks that your Valentine’s Day partner is your console.

The email starts out quite innocently “Early on Valentine’s Day morning you hear a soft knocking at the front door. You open it to find no-one there, just a small letter and a single red rose. You open it”

It does seem to be tailored different based on what console you own, so there’s that. I got a PS4 one personally, whilst others seem to got a Nintendo Switch.

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There’s some really hot takes happening on Twitter about this.

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