A 12 Year Old Got Swatted On Stream After Jumping To 87,000 Followers Overnight 

YouTuber ‘Polly Ranchers’ (a 12 year old) has had a whirlwind week. After skyrocketing from a few hundred followers to 87,000 subscribers after playing Fortnite with popular YouTuber Cizzorz and subsequently getting a shoutout.

Whilst this kid got incredibly lucky in the sense that he was randomly partnered with a popular YouTuber, he had been uploading before and after school every day for a year and clearly deserved it. Others obviously didn’t think so.

Fast forward to the next night, police showed up at Polly Ranchers AKA Peter Varady’s home after someone called 911 during a live stream and told police that his mother and him were going to hang themselves.

On his next livestream, Varady was in tears as he asked his followers “why you guys gotta do this?” and said “I’m not sure I can even go on with YouTube anymore”.

Swatting has become a very serious thing in gaming. For those that don’t know, it involves incorrectly making serious reports to police, who are then forced to storm into people’s homes. Last year, a 28 year old man was shot and killed by a police officer after competing in an online Call Of Duty match.